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For centuries, in almost every religious and secular culture, lighting candles has been a symbol of hope and remembrance. Please light a virtual candle in memory of someone you lost, in hope for someone you know is hurting, or just to send a comforting message to someone special.

To light your candle, just follow these three easy steps:

1.  Enter the name of the person you are remembering:

Lit for:

2.  Enter the name(s) of the candle lighters: ex. Jeanne, Nate and Tyler with love

Lit by: 

3.  Pick a candle

Candle Candle Candle Candle Candle Candle

If you don't find the candles you are looking for, try browsing candles by letter. (Candles may be listed by first name)

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Listing of Candles

84158 lit candles

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   For Terry Christopher Bisesti  ~Lit by~ All of Us

   For Terry Christopher Bisesti  ~Lit by~ The Delaney Family

   For Edgar   ~Lit by~ a Sturdy Nurse

   For Caleb G Alcott  ~Lit by~ The Congdon Family

   For Don  ~Lit by~ Linda and Jeff Allan

   For Edgar   ~Lit by~ Dave n Patti Elson

   For Uncle Don  ~Lit by~ Linda, Sean, Pete, Mark

   For Terry Christopher Bisesti  ~Lit by~ with deepest sympathy

   For Carol M. Nagobads  ~Lit by~ Miss you so much Grandma

   For Edgar   ~Lit by~ Steve and Morgan Penney

   For Edgar   ~Lit by~ Frank and Linda Penney

   For Mrs.Dot Allen  ~Lit by~ Christine Igo Freeman with love

   For Dr. John L. Garzia  ~Lit by~ Christine Igo Freeman with love

   For Mr. "Ted" Whitehouse  ~Lit by~ Christine Igo Freeman with love

   For Edgar   ~Lit by~ John & Cathy Spiezio

   For Dorothy L. Richard  ~Lit by~ John and Cathy Bearce

   For Edgar "Ted"  ~Lit by~ Gerry (Brady) Gousie RIP

   For Kevin M. Thomas  ~Lit by~ missing you so!!!

   For Frank   ~Lit by~ Jim and Corrine Gerrish

   For Edgar   ~Lit by~ Pam Bernier

   For Terry Christopher Bisesti  ~Lit by~ with Love, Joanne & Lenny Hensas

   For Don  ~Lit by~ Barry and Ruth Zide

   For Don  ~Lit by~ Jane and Chuck Tegan

   For Edgar   ~Lit by~ John & Cathy Spiezio

   For Mum and Dad  ~Lit by~ Missing you so much.Love Janet ox

   For Frank Donald Donaldson   ~Lit by~ Theresa, your neighbor and friend

   For Don   ~Lit by~ MaryAnn McCaughey

   For April O'Sullivan  ~Lit by~ Paul & Maria Robistow

   For Teddy  ~Lit by~ Karen and Bill Apgar and girls

   For Edgar   ~Lit by~ Dave & Ruth Webber

   For Jeanne Tripp  ~Lit by~ Barbara Cedarfield

   For Don  ~Lit by~ Dan and Karen Seigenberg

   For Don  ~Lit by~ Mary McCormack

   For Frank   ~Lit by~ Marian Chella

   For Frank   ~Lit by~ annette/mark

   For Edgar   ~Lit by~ Cori Heinricher & Kyle Hunt

   For Frank "Don" Donaldson  ~Lit by~ Sheryl and Tom Reilly

   For Don (Frank) Donaldson  ~Lit by~ Sheryl and Tom Reilly

   For Edgar   ~Lit by~ Joan Goodwin

   For Frank   ~Lit by~ a friend

   For Frank   ~Lit by~ RIP DEAR ONE

   For Don Donaldson  ~Lit by~ Timothy J. Oneto

   For George T. Nahas  ~Lit by~ Terry and John George

   For Mildred Savoy  ~Lit by~ Maryellen Murphy

   For Frank   ~Lit by~ The Roberts Family

   For Ted  ~Lit by~ Cheryl Tacey

   For Edgar   ~Lit by~ The O'Malley Family

   For Terry Christopher Bisesti  ~Lit by~ Scott Schertz

   For Terry Christopher Bisesti  ~Lit by~ With never ending love Mom

   For Terry Christopher Bisesti  ~Lit by~ Love forever Grandma Grandpa

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