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Obituaries and Memorials

Richard W. Fairbanks
Agnar O. Farestveit
Christine Farmer
Sandra M. Fasolino
David J. Fasolino Jr.
Robyn E. Feeley
Thalia M. Ferguson
Matthew R. Ferguson
Marilyn C. Ferreira
Louise (Mello) Finitsis
James J Finn
Roberta "Mary" Finn
Richard K. Fischer
Florence A. Fisher
Edward J. Fitzgerald
Klara Fitzpatrick
Edith Jane Flagg
Francis Flaherty
Virginia R. Flaherty
Pauline Goodale Fleming
Mark Edward Flood
George E. Flood
Edmund H. Florek
Frank E. Florence
Arthur T. Flynn Jr.
Jean M. Flynn
Benjamin G. Follett
Ruth Caroline Forbes
Frances Christine Gentile Forbes
Jean C. Ford
Maurice L. Foren
Janet Elizabeth Forrester
James Neil Forster
Marie Forsyth
Evelyn M. Fortier
Anna Marie Foster
Joan F. Foster
James Richard Foster Jr.
Stella Theresa Foulsham
Winifred Mary Fournier
Ellen Fowler
Erna Anna Fox
Elizabeth "Liz" and Juliet Fraga
Anne Marie Francis
Wilfred "Red" Fraser
James Robert Freeman
Elaine M. Freeman
Manuel P. Freitas
Robert Homer French
Frederick S. Frommelt, Jr.
Isabelle Fuller
Robert H. Fuller
G. Stephen Fuller
Isabelle Rose Fuller
Mary Louise Furtado


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