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Obituaries and Memorials

Thomas William Kane
Marcia L. Karas
Kenneth Karling
Mark E. Kasianowicz
Simon Katsis
Ann Lorraine Keane
Russell L. Keane
Joseph M. Kearney
Dorothy M. Kearney
Monique A. Keating
Patricia A. Keefe
Daniel Joseph Keefe
Albertina Keller
Edward Richard Kelley
Mildred T. Kelley
Maureen Elizabeth Kelley
Robert "Earl" Kelly
Helen R. Kelly
John J. Kelly Jr.
Brendan Joseph Kelly
Margaret "Margo" Kelly
Beth .(Kindquist) Kelsey
Sandra E. Kendall
Priscilla W. Kennedy
Catherine A. Kennedy
Arleen E. Kennedy
James J. Kerr Sr.
Natalie Kerr
Francis Edward Kersey
Elizabeth Kersey
Grace Lillian Kielpinski
Francis "Bucko" Kilroy
Mary T. Kinsella
Kenneth M. Kirby
Mary E. Kirkell
Vincent Victor Kirkell
Reinhard "Marty" Kloss
James W. Knight
Dorothy Knisley
Barbara Alice Koslow
Themistoklis Kosmadakis
Paul L. Kozak
Margaret "Peg" Kratzer
William John Kratzer
Donald Frederick Kraus Jr.
Sharon Marie Krug
Frederick T. Krug Jr.
Mildred L. Kunkel
Carl J. Kusch
Keith J. Kusch
Alfred Kwiatkowski


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