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Obituaries and Memorials

Robert O. Labouliere
Earline M. Labouliere
Ronald H. Lake
Vincent A. Lamanna
Virginia Lamanna
William J. Lamar
William H. Lamb, Jr.
Robert Lamson
Phyllis Anne Land
Deborah J. Landers
Marie Terese Lane
Shirlie Ann LaPointe
Edgar W. Laundry
Pauline "Paulie" Doris Laursen
Marie Lavery
James R. Lavery
Harold Eugene Law
Grace F.E. Law
Dorothy N. Law
Roberta E. Lawson
Russell Marston Lawton
Norman Fairbanks Lawton
John D. Lawton
John William Leary
Hazel Marion Leary
Irene LeBaron
John Rhodes Lee
Richard K. Leemon
James Richard Leete
Malcolm "Mac" H. LeGay Jr.
Richard Dana Leggee
Catherine T. Lehan
Francis V. Lehan
Jeannette Leighton
Henry W. Leighton
Clarence R. Lenney
Beatrice L. Lennon
Mary Lentini
Susan E. Leonard
Thomas A. Leuthold
Evelyn Marie Lewis
Pauline Liboi
Violet C. Lightbody
Alan B. Lightbody
Barbara Clarie Lightbody
Donald B. Lightbody
George E. Lightbody Jr.
Chester Lightbody
Richard Lilienthal
Dorothy Lindberg
Lorraine F. Livesey
Mark Anthony Locke
Mary E. Lockwood
Sidney Francis Loder
Eileen C. Lonergan
Stephen J. Lopez
Lois Winifred Lord
Marjorie C. Lovely
Everett L. Lucas, Jr.
Lawrence C. Luck
Lorraine Marie Luck
Mary E. Lunn
Dorothy B. Luttrell
Margaret Ann Lynch
Grace K. Lynch
Joseph J. Lynch
William P. Lynch
Frances Lyons


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