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Obituaries and Memorials

Nettie Anne Radford
Patricia Ann Rainville
John Ramer II
Nancy Ann Rand
Natalie P. Randall
F. Herbert Randall, Jr.
Carol Elizabeth Rattie
Jean Marie Rea
Harry R. Rea Jr.
Beverly Joan Read
Curtis Sheldon Read
Alan G. Read
Anthony Scott Reed
Mary G. Rehill
Elizabeth E. Relyea
Michael L. Rennie
Charles Thomas Rennie
Debra Ann Reuter
Eugene F. Reynolds
Brian A. Reynolds
Theodore F. Riccard Jr.
Dorothy L. Richard
Nancy (DiMarzio) Richards
Nancy Jane Richards
Arline C. Richards
Gary Attwood Richards
Preston Ford "Stub" Richards
John A. Richards
Joan J. Richardson
Donna Ricker
Jeanne T. Ricker
Stephen F. Riley
Robert Boyd Riley
Jean H. Ringuette
Albert K. Riveras
Henry H. Rivers
Walter Joseph Rivers
Yolanda Rivers
Michele M. Rivet
Marilyn T. Rivet
Peter Rizzo
Carlene Claire Roach
James "Jay" Robblee
Stephen M. Roberts
Loretta C. Roberts
William "Rusty" M. Roberts III
Clifton G. Roberts, Jr.
Glen E. Robertson
Velma R. Robinson
Stanley M. Robinson Sr.
Rachell Renee Robistow
Mary E. Robistow
Donna Marie Robitaille
Robert Edward Roche
Robert Edward Roche Jr.
James "Jeff" Roche
Timothy "Ted" Roche
Pauline M. Roche
Edward Joseph Rockett
Virginia Ada Rogers
Robert "Budd" Rogers
Alice Margaret (Callahan) Rohm
Marjorie Ann Rohrbach
Harold "Red" Rohrbach Jr.
Matthew L. Rollins
Herbert Hanson Rolls
Roberta Inez Rolls
Eleanor Theresa Ronayne
Marybeth Ronayne
Joan Irene Roque
Karen Rose (Carey) Ross
Dorothy M. Rotherham
Alfred W. Rotherham
Emerson L. Rounds
Janet Rousseau
Joseph Norman Rousseau
Mary C. Rowlinson
Donna Ruhl
James M. Ruhl
Grace Mary Ruhno
James G. Rutter
Elizabeth Louise Ryalls
Richard R. Ryalls
Thomas Raymond Ryan
Edward T. Ryan
Carroll Joseph Ryskamp


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