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Hope for the Holidays

Are You in the Holiday Spirit?

The sky is cold and a little darker. The days have quickly grown shorter. The wind has an invigorating chill and it's almost December! That's right; it's the holiday season. Is it time to run away from your parents, your partner's parents, your boss and your dog? Or is it time to host a holiday party to which you invite everyone you know and for which you make 100 hand decorated angels with life like features eerily similar to each of your guests?

Take our new quiz to test your holiday personality!

1. The office busy-body has set out a sign up sheet to bring food to the annual office holiday luncheon. When you walk past it, what do you do?

Pretend that you don't see it and go back to your desk to crank up your stereo and drown out the holiday music from the next cubicle.
Avoid the list but make a note of the time to go. There's no need to go overboard but you might as well go.
Put yourself down for a bag of chips and some dip because you feel you should, but you dread the idea of going.
Run, don't walk, to the list and sign up to bring homemade cookies, decorated by hand with the name of each co-worker.

2. Shopping is really starting to wear on you this holiday season. What do you do?

Shopping? What do you mean, shopping? You're staying as far away from stores as possible!
Decide that only the closest people to you get gifts this year; the stress is too much for you.
Sit down in a café, make a more organized list with groups and subgroups then break up the shopping into categories, thereby avoiding most of the hassle.
Grab a latte and hit the streets again. This is shopping, people!

3. The holiday season is coming around and you're getting a number of invitations from people with whom you're not that close. What do you do with the invitations?

Throw every single one of them away without opening them or reading the name.
Chose just two or three and go to those. You might as well get out a little bit this season.
Politely RSVP every one of the them but have a solid system for which ones you decline and which ones you accept.
PARTIES? PUNCH? COOKIES? Answer all of them with a resounding affirmative!

4. You're dreading the holidays because:

It's the holidays. Who needs to say more?
You're never sure what to do with yourself.
There is so much to do but you usually get it all done after some lists and some time.
Dread them? Are you kidding? This is the best time of the year!

5. You're left without plans for a night during the busy holiday season. What do you do?

Plans, what plans? You never have plans.
Ask around at the office, then show up to happy hour for a few minutes to try to be social before heading home.
Take the opportunity to re-read your obligatory Christmas letter, checking for edits and spelling errors before you send it out.
Make some plans of your own!

6. A friend of yours is having a hard time this holiday season. What do you do?

Suggest she find someone to talk to about it. You're no fan of this season either.
Meet her for coffee and let her talk but excuse yourself after an hour or so.
See if she wants to come for movies and hot chocolate even though you'd rather be alone. Everyone needs help.
Take her out to a party and get her dancing. Fun cures everything!

7. When you think of the holidays, what do you think of?

A whole season spent under your covers, away from Rudolph, snow and presents.
Hard times, but you muddle through it.
Being obligated to do a lot.
Gifts, parties, friends, family, fun and holiday cheer.

8. If you could do anything this holiday season what would it be?

Some peace and comfort.
Find a little more time. There is so much to do because this IS the season for giving.
Make it last the whole year round!

9. The time for holiday cards is here. What do you do?

Cards? People send cards?
Send a few to your closest family and friends.
Carefully go through your list to see who sent you one last year, who you have to send one to and who you want to and buy cards for all of them.
Get cards for everyone you know, hand delivering the ones to the people whose addresses you don't know.

10. Your in-laws have decided to spend the whole holiday season at your house this year. How do you react?

Cringe. You would rather be in your office for a week than entertain your in-laws!
Shrug and accept that they're coming but don't do anything special because there's no need to be over-zealous.
Start making up the beds, fixing meals and making reservations even though the idea of them coming makes you stressed.
With joy and excitement! More people, more fun!

11. You've received a gift that doesn't suit you from a loved one. What do you do?

Leave the present on the counter, not wanting to face it or him.
Keep it and use it when he is around. You don't want to be rude.
Check the return policy at the store and return it after he has left.
Explain to him that, while you like it, you know he'd rather that you have something that YOU LOVE and invite him on a fun trip to the mall to exchange it.